Apr 29, 2014


As a self proclaimed lipstick junkie these are some of the lipstick inspirations I am loving right now. I do personally own MAC Fanfare, and have for awhile. It is perfect for everyday, and one of those "your lips but better" color (we all have one!). A creamy pink is the perfect way to describe it. What are some of your favorite lipsticks at the moment? 

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Apr 23, 2014



For this spring and summer season I have been obsessed with lilac. All things lilac! It took those close to me pointing out everything I had been buying or looking at was this color. There is something so fresh, girly,and versatile about it. I bought a lilac scuba skirt a few months ago from Forever 21, but haven't had much of a chance to wear it due to the not so nice weather until recently. But you better believe it will be a spring and summer staple for me this season. I'm really looking forward to styling it.  

Apr 22, 2014


In case you did not know I have a Pinterest account where I post all things girly, and that inspire me at the moment. Check it out! Maybe you will be inspired by my pinnings. 

I promise to have more posts soon. You know how it gets at the end of school. All teachers decide to get together and have projects/exams/papers due ALL at the same time. To say these past few weeks have been busy is an understatement. However, I have done some online shopping so expect a haul or OOTD day pictures soon. 

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Apr 7, 2014


First, forgive how pale I am as this year's winter has not been too kind to me. Moving on...Since I am still in college my idea of a casual Friday is probably much different to those who work, and have to worry about remaining office appropriate (which will have to change soon for me). This weekend I drove to Dallas to visit my parents, who are in Texas for a few weeks from Switzerland. Dallas is our "home base" in America, and we try to go back as often as we can. My weekend was spent shopping, relaxing, and eating a lot of Mexican food!

On Friday afternoon my mom and I spent our time at Northpark, the Shops at Park Lane, and finally grabbed  lunch at Bistro N (Nordstrom's restaurant). It might be weird, but we order the same thing every time we go. I guess when you find what you really enjoy why change?! 

Our Order:
- A glass of Sokol Blosser Pinot Gris from Willamette Valley
- Black Forest ham and Gruyere Sandwich

Since it was just a casual day spent shopping I wanted my outfit to reflect that, and it was important to have items that would be easy to take on and off. Nothing is more annoying when you're shopping to be so tired of putting your outfit together that you just give up or buy items without trying them on first. It was so great to feel "normal" and visit my parents this week. What did you all get up to?

Outfit Details:
- J Crew Lace Top (a similar top is on sale right now at J Crew Factory online)
- Forever 21 Nude Cami (under the J Crew shirt)
- Celebrity Pink Jeans
- Cole Haan Suede Ballet Flats
- Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Damier Ebene
- Charming Charlie Necklace
- DKNY Stainless Steel Watch

This was my first OOTD so feel free to leave any constructive criticism that way I can take better pictures for the future.

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