About Me

WELCOME TO MY BLOG, Pringles and Pumps!

I'm Cristina, a 20-something living in the good ole South. I've wanted to start a blog for years, but never had the courage to continue it. So here it is! This is my foray into the blogging world about all things fashion and beauty related, and what inspires me. I'm excited to see where this blog takes me and thank you to each and everyone of you for taking interest in my journey to getting there. Feel free to contact me by clicking on my "contact me" tab on the homepage or at pringlesandpumps@gmail.com


Where am I from?
Good Question! I never know how to answer this. I am half Italian and half American (dual citizenship). I have lived half my life in Texas and the other half throughout Europe. I know a really odd mix. My heart is currently in Switzerland. But don't get me wrong I still consider myself a true Texas girl. 

What am I studying? 
I'm a Marketing major (One more semester! I say I'm going for half a lap more instead of a full extra lap/year)

 What do I plan to do after college?
I would love to work with companies that deal with Business to Consumer Marketing after I graduate or go to law school (a long dream of mine).  I've always been the person to know exactly what I want until this year when reality has truly set in. I've decided to go where life takes me. I'm still young and have the time to figure out my path.

Current Dreams: Become a Brand Manager, Work for a Fashion or Cosmetic/Skincare brand, and Open my own boutique (I mean I visit them enough!), go to Law School

What are my passions?
Fashion, Makeup, Skincare, Animals, Law, Travelling Around the World, Learning about New Cultures, Food, Playing Dress Up, Organizing Closets, Decor, Movies and TV, Dancing, Wine, Surrounding Myself with Good People...

Truly Yours,