Jul 23, 2014


Currently Wishing                     1. MAC Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum   2. Floral Romper  (HereHere, or Here)  3. Tory Burch Miller Sandals  
                 4. Dior Show Blue Mascara   5. Prada Cat-Eye Sunglasses   6. Voluspa Suede Blanc Candle   7. Clarasonic Mia 2   
8. Cole Haan Air Monica Flats   9. Bliss Triple Oxygen Energizing Cream 

Jul 15, 2014


All Pictures from Pinterest

Is it silly that I love this trend of wearing sneakers (tennis shoes, trainers...) with unexpected pieces such as girly shorts, skirts, or dresses?! I used to find this whole idea of wearing sneakers outside of the gym odd...but now I like the quirkiness of paring a bright sneaker with a cute short or girly dress. Not to mention how comfortable it is! You will never complain of blisters with this trend. 

My best advice for wearing this is keep the pieces simple when wearing a bright shoe or it can err on the crazy side (I hope I used that right). I also prefer to not pair these sneakers with "sporty" items as that is too expected, and this whole trend is about the unexpected. Since these shoes are quite casual I suggest keeping the outfit effortless so it doesn't look like you are trying too hard. 

Always remember fashion is meant to be fun and there really aren't any rules. Do what works best for you and just have the confidence to pull it off! Sometimes a new trend can take a few tries until you get it right. I will post an OTTD day with how I like to wear this trend soon. Does anyone else love pairing sneakers with the unexpected?!

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Jul 7, 2014


Sorry I haven't been able to post a lot this past week, and this coming week looks like it might be the same. I just wanted to let you guys know I haven't forgotten about you. I had my birthday weekend on June 28th so I just spent some relaxing time with my family and boyfriend. Then this past week I went to the French part of Switzerland to see my boyfriend and his family. Sadly, he can't come to the German part where I am too often since he's working.

Since this post is more of an update I thought I would include at least one picture, and this picture was actually taken by my camera (Can you believe it?!). This is of Montreux, where I spent the day for the jazz festival on Sunday. Surprisingly, I had never been before, and it was so different to what I thought it would have been. During the day, the festival is filled with craft and food stalls, and bars. At night, is where all of the music happens. Next year I would love to get tickets.

For my upcoming trip....I'm leaving tomorrow to head to Italy for the yearly family visit. We're stopping in Milano for a few days while my dad has some meetings then heading on to Marche. My father's hometown is a small beach town, but apparently it's going to rain....that means no beach (sad face).

At the end of my travelling I would love to do a post with pictures about what I have been up to lately.  See you all soon!
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Jul 2, 2014


This is not going to be a post about juicing for one week and eating nothing but...that's something I could never do. Cheers to those who have because it's hard work. I just happen to love my food too much. However, I do believe in eating healthy when possible. In our hectic schedules it can be easy to forget the age old concept of eating 5 fruits and veggies a day. I'll be honest, there have been times when at the end of the day I'll realize I may have only had one fruit that day. I'm more of a veggies girl. I won't go into all of the amazing benefits from eating your veggies and fruits. I'm sure we all know how great it is for us to eat healthy. 

I found juicing can be that "extra treat", and can also help me get in my fruit for the day. I try to keep my juices as clean as possible. Just meaning usually only fruits and maybe a dash of agave honey for sweetness. Feel free to add whatever you would prefer whether it's fruit juice, veggies, sugar, milk, protein powder....the list is endless. I just happen to have these fruits around my home and decided to create two juice recipes that are simple to make and good to drink.

I will warn you though, juicing everyday can be quite expensive. You'd be surprised how much fruit you need to make one juice. It can also be a pain in the "you know what" from chopping the fruits, cleaning up of your counters and then finally cleaning the machine. Which is why I do these juices more as a treat. But if you are more patient than I am I say more power to you! 

All pictures shown were a serving for 1 person

(Serves 2 people or 2 times)

Recipe #1:
5 bananas 
500 grams of blueberries 
2-3 apples (depending on taste)

Recipe #2:
1 1/2 Melon (I used a Galia Melon)
4 Mangoes
1-2 Limes
1-2 tbsp Agave Honey (depending on taste)

If you do not like a citrus taste as much I would add one banana to the recipe, which would even out the taste and thicken up the juice. 

The juices taste the best once they have been sitting in the fridge for a bit. If you prefer to have juice only in the morning these can easily be made the night before and left in the fridge for the next day. I have two tips for making juices: 1) Buy/Use more fruit than you think you need  2)Ripe or even overripe fruit is always the best to use.

What kind of fruit/veggies combinations do you prefer in a juice? If anyone tries to make these recipes let me know how you enjoyed them! Cheers 

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Jun 27, 2014


This has been one of my favorite summer dresses to wear. It's a simple black dress with a lower scooped back (sadly, didn't get a picture of that), and can easily be dressed up or down. That's my favorite part because I hate to think too much about what to wear. I typically choose quickly, and just go with what I'm feeling at the moment. I bought the dress at Nordstrom around Easter, and have found several occasions to wear it. It's easy, goes with everything, and did I mention how comfortable it is?! If it came in another color I would buy it. 

I've been wanting a jean jacket for awhile and finally found one that had the look I wanted and fit me well. Usually I have to alter jackets since lets just say I'm not on the tall side. The last time I had a jean jacket was the 90's, and since I've gotten this one I have pretty much tried to pair it with anything. The great part is...it does go with everything. 

I thought it would be fun to show the look in two ways and how just adding something as simple as a jean jacket could change the look. To me the jacket gives a more casual look and a more "urban" feel. Without the jacket I feel the look is a little more girly and dressy. 

P.S. Sorry for the quality of the pics, especially close up ones. These were taken with my iPhone.

Now for a "silly" picture. I found a frog statue at this fountain by someone's home. I couldn't resist playing with it. I took some pretty crazy pictures with it that I for sure couldn't post on here haha. 

Dress: Tildon (Bought at Nordstrom)   Jacket: H&M   Shoes: Tory Burch Miller Sandals   Purse: Vintage Gucci
Necklace: Etsy (J Crew Look Alike)  Earrings: James Avery Turquoise Studs   Watch: DKNY 

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