May 23, 2014


For those of you that may not know I have called my Zurich, Switzerland my home for the last six years, and whenever my family leaves I will forever leave a piece of my heart here. I currently don't live in Zurich as I go to college in the states, but I come back for all school breaks. Since, I am here for my last free summer before I start working in the "real world" (I'm going back to school for my final semester this fall, and it doesn't seem real) I want to give all of you the chance to see this city with me.

This type of expat/nomad community I've lived most of my life is an interesting one that I would never trade for anything. I have had some amazing experiences, become such a unique person, and of course have pretty amazing stories from growing up that almost don't seem real. It can be heard at times when you have to leave places you weren't ready to leave or when close friends come in and out of your life. It can be hard trying to adapt to new places so quickly, and explaining your life to those outside of this lifestyle because it is difficult to understand. It's the nomad life, as I call it. And sometimes it makes you realize how truly small our world is when I meet people who I've been to school with in other countries or who know friends from previous international schools. All in all, I couldn't have imagined a more interesting way to grow up, and I hope the same for my children (one day). As always a small rant that might have only made sense to me...If you want to know any information about where to dine, things to see, shopping, the night life, or what it's like to live in Switzerland let me know. I'd be happy to share what I've learned over these past six years with all of you about one of my favorite cities.

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May 18, 2014


As a self proclaimed shopaholic and all around fashion obsessor I think all  the time of different pieces I am searching for or continually find myself obsessing over (ergo my current obsessions). Wow, I hope I used that correctly. Here are some items that I am lusting after for the summer season:

1. White Dresses- I used to think a black dress worked for all occasions- and it does- but there is something so fresh and chic about a plain white dress. I prefer items that can transition from day to night as I often get a late start to my day since I love to sleep in. With a white dress it's a blank canvas where almost anything goes.

2. Bottega Veneta Monogram Collection- I have never been much of a fan of the Bottega Veneta line in the past. I felt there was nothing too special about these handbags and that I could save the $1000+ price tag on something that looked the same for much less. However, adding the monogram entirely changed the perception for me. It adds a unique detail to these otherwise plain handbags, and who doesn't love a good monogram. It's like self advertising. 

3. Drop Waist Dresses- It is a style that is complementary to many different body types. I have always been partial to the skater dress since I don't want dress that are too body hugging during the summer. It's too hot for that. Also there is something so girly yet chic about the drop waist dresses. It almost has a vintage feel.

4. Neon Loafers- LOVE LOVE LOVE...they add the perfect pop of color for neutral outfits. It would go perfect with jeans, chino shorts, white dresses, and the list goes on. I highly suggest the bright loafers from Tod's.

5. Statement Jewelry- This really is a must have and obsession for all seasons for me. As I have said many times and will continue to say I don't see these items going out of style anytime soon. They can transform a plain outfit into something eye-catching. I find myself really going towards the blue statement necklaces lately. Possibly because they would look great against an all white outfit (I seem to have a theme going). 

What are your current obsessions? 

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May 16, 2014


First off, I just wanted to apologize to those that read my blog for not writing more or trying harder to create the best content for you all. I became busy with school (I just finished by Senior year of college). It never changes. There are always the slew of the end of the year deadlines for papers, presentations, and finals that you can never 100% prepare yourself for. During the end of the year chaos I was moving from my old apartment to a new one since sadly I did not graduate on time. I feared I would have to do everything alone, but luckily my boyfriend flew in to help me, and was pretty much my knight in shinning armor. My parents live in Europe so it's difficult for them to help me with these types of things, especially since after I'm done with finals I fly straight home.

Secondly, I don't want this blog post to come off as me complaining. I'm afraid it's starting to sound whiny. I only want to write in the best of spirits because I would like my writing to reflect my mood, and show my excitement for you all.

I heard the blogging blues (I renamed bloggin' blues)  is a pretty common occurrence. Since I am new to the blogging world this is not something I've experienced before. Basically, my passion for the blog took a downward turn. I want to make the best content for my readers, but felt like I wasn't able to do so. There are so many excuses you create for yourself like I need a better camera to create these professional pictures I see other bloggers have, I have to have the best material to write about, I need to live this exciting life to blog about...and so on and so on. For years I've been reading these amazing blogs, and have always wanted to put my two cents in about fashion, beauty, and all of the things that inspire me. When I finally got my turn I wondered how I was going to live up to these other amazing blogs that are read by thousands since there are so many blogs out there. You write and create these posts, but wonder if anyone is actually reading them. Sometimes, it's hard to write to a computer and receive little or no feedback. It makes one think why am I even doing this if nobody is reading my blog. But, sometime you have to pull yourself out of the slump, and just write. You have to remind yourself of why you started your blog, and that all of those other bloggers started somewhere. You can't have an instant following or instant interaction with your viewers.

Even if nobody is reading this, and I am just writing to myself  (which is quite possible) I am going to do my best to write. I started this blog because I was excited to see the journey it would take me on, and any new opportunities that would come from creating this material. The blogs I've been reading for years, I've seen the creators start from the bottom and now have such wonderful opportunities to do what they love in an interesting way. I wanted a piece of that. Not the recognition necessarily (though that's always an added bonus), but more the chance to do what I love that I might not have otherwise had, and interact with viewers who share a similar passion.

Not so shortly put, I hope you all understand where I am coming from. I promise to try harder in the future to keep this blog up to date, and create interesting content. I hope to do more OOTD posts since I am home with my family for the summer. My mother is my photographer, and there are so many beautiful backdrops at home that I'd love to share. This might have been a little bit of a rant, but let's get back to blogging!

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