May 18, 2014


As a self proclaimed shopaholic and all around fashion obsessor I think all  the time of different pieces I am searching for or continually find myself obsessing over (ergo my current obsessions). Wow, I hope I used that correctly. Here are some items that I am lusting after for the summer season:

1. White Dresses- I used to think a black dress worked for all occasions- and it does- but there is something so fresh and chic about a plain white dress. I prefer items that can transition from day to night as I often get a late start to my day since I love to sleep in. With a white dress it's a blank canvas where almost anything goes.

2. Bottega Veneta Monogram Collection- I have never been much of a fan of the Bottega Veneta line in the past. I felt there was nothing too special about these handbags and that I could save the $1000+ price tag on something that looked the same for much less. However, adding the monogram entirely changed the perception for me. It adds a unique detail to these otherwise plain handbags, and who doesn't love a good monogram. It's like self advertising. 

3. Drop Waist Dresses- It is a style that is complementary to many different body types. I have always been partial to the skater dress since I don't want dress that are too body hugging during the summer. It's too hot for that. Also there is something so girly yet chic about the drop waist dresses. It almost has a vintage feel.

4. Neon Loafers- LOVE LOVE LOVE...they add the perfect pop of color for neutral outfits. It would go perfect with jeans, chino shorts, white dresses, and the list goes on. I highly suggest the bright loafers from Tod's.

5. Statement Jewelry- This really is a must have and obsession for all seasons for me. As I have said many times and will continue to say I don't see these items going out of style anytime soon. They can transform a plain outfit into something eye-catching. I find myself really going towards the blue statement necklaces lately. Possibly because they would look great against an all white outfit (I seem to have a theme going). 

What are your current obsessions? 

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