Mar 30, 2014



1. Forever 21 Braided Beaded Ombre Necklace 2. MAWI Embellished Chain Necklace  3. River Island Fluro Yellow Jelly Statement Necklace  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Staking the Deck  5. Oliver Bonas Festiva Beaded Necklace 
6. Kate Spade Capri Garden Bright Beryl Necklace 7. Vanessa Arizaga Pink Crazy For You Necklace  

One of my favorite parts about spring besides the sunny days and anticipation of the summer are bringing out my brighter statement necklaces. I usually don't follow the rules of wearing certain colors for certain seasons. I buy items for my wardrobe because I want to wear them (as simple as that). However, there are some things that clearly scream spring or summer, and I might look odd if I wore them year round. 

As I have said in a previous post I believe statement jewelry is a staple for any woman's wardrobe, and a trend that seems like it's here to stay. Therefore, I try to buy statement necklaces that don't clearly illustrate one trend. For example the Bubble necklace trend that I did jump on the bandwagon for (probably most of us did), but now feel like I can't wear again. I try to buy pieces that would work with multiple outfits and last longer than a few seasons. My favorite places to buy statement jewelry is J Crew, Etsy, and random boutiques I find in my travels. 

I believe there is no need to break the bank for these pieces (unless you want to). You can easily find statement pieces in your budget, and I actually enjoy the thrill of finding a well made statement necklace for a great price. 

Where do you find your favorite statement jewelry? 

Mar 20, 2014


Happy First Day of Spring (Also my Big's Birthday)! Nothing says Spring to me like Lilly Pulitzer prints so if it's warm for you break out your Lilly. Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been on Spring Break all week and last week was a myriad of midterms and the rush of getting ready for the break (I left directly after my last midterm exam). I decided to go to snowy Michigan for my Spring Break so sadly I am not experiencing the Spring weather yet. I hope you all are enjoying your first day of Spring!

Mar 16, 2014



1. NARS Final Cut Illuminator  2. Bobbi Brown Pastel Brights Eye Palette  3. NARS Lipstick in Schiap  
4. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray  5. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh   6. Ciate Polish in Pepperminty 
7. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Flush  8. Forever 21 Makeup Compact Mirror  9. Cole Haan Bellport Bag 

Only a few more days till Spring. If you can't already tell after reading some of my posts I was ready for Spring after New Years, and now it is almost here!  Here are some spring makeup items that are inspiring me as I anticipate the coming of Spring. My basic staples for every spring, no matter the trends, include mint, pink, and little pops of color. We all get into a rut after the craze of the holidays and spring is the time to refresh your routine-whether it's your gym routine, beauty routine, or those few basic outfits you end up rotating (We all do it!)

Mar 12, 2014


I don't know why but lately I've been inspired by satin. I know that sounds odd. Many of my most chic spring time/summer items that I create in my head seem to revolve around satin. Satin sounds like such a formal fabric that you wear around holidays or weddings. Some of you may even think satin is reserved for an older crowed. The recent items I've seen down the runway at shows like Marissa Webb's Spring collection or even high street shops like Topshop give a really fresh and youthful look to satin. I may even have a few items waiting in my basket on I can't help it!

Pairing satin in light or bright colors transforms it from the formal and heavy look that satin can have into something more wearable. My current favorite is light pink or coral satin items. For the more daring I've seen items in bright graphic prints and floral scenes that modernize the fabric. Satin can also add an interesting texture to your outfit. I am currently loving the Topshop satin skort in coral. Adding that with a simple white t-shirt and a chunky necklace not only makes the fabric wearable, but the satin adds that unique texture you might not expect.

For those who don't feel comfortable wearing satin or you live in an area where wearing satin cannot happen (aka Texas summer heat) then you can always opt for satin accessories. Satin pumps aren't reserved for wedding shoes anymore.

 I'm excited to see what satin items I can add into my wardrobe for the spring and summer months even though I should probably save my money.

Mar 7, 2014


I think in our day and age the term "statement necklace" has become a staple in every woman's wardrobe. I still do appreciate more delicate jewelry for everyday, but there is something about a statement necklace that can TRANSFORM  any outfit. They can even be used as decorative pieces in your room/closet when you aren't wearing them. Mine personally sit on my dresser, and add that boutique touch every girl tries to have. They're multipurposed so it gives you more reason to justify the purchase!

I have found that it can take time to find the perfect statement necklace. I look for pieces that have that something extra, look well made even if they are bought on the cheap, and can be used with multiple outfits. I try to not buy too on trend with statement necklaces because I want my jewelry to last, and I don't want to look at a picture where I can tell that is "so 2013." Even though statement necklaces are considered a trend, I have a feeling they are here to stay for awhile. 

One of my favorite shops to find statement necklaces is J Crew. Though the price tag is a bit higher, the jewelry is very well made and they have mastered the fine line between on trend and classic perfectly. If you are worried about the J Crew price tag there are sales often, and in the store you receive 15% off with a student ID. If that still is a little too steep for you then try J Crew Factory. 

I often find that has unique items, and even great replicas of popular jewelry. When the bubble necklace came out, etsy had perfect copies of the infamous J Crew necklace for a fraction of the price. 

Here are some of favorite statement necklaces from my collection:

Shirt: Benetton  Necklace: Etsy 

Shirt: Bluetique  Necklace: Etsy

Shirt: Tobi  Necklace: Accessorize 

Shirt: J Crew  Necklace: J Crew

Sweater: J Crew  Necklace: J Crew

How do you wear your favorite statement necklaces?