Mar 30, 2014



1. Forever 21 Braided Beaded Ombre Necklace 2. MAWI Embellished Chain Necklace  3. River Island Fluro Yellow Jelly Statement Necklace  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Staking the Deck  5. Oliver Bonas Festiva Beaded Necklace 
6. Kate Spade Capri Garden Bright Beryl Necklace 7. Vanessa Arizaga Pink Crazy For You Necklace  

One of my favorite parts about spring besides the sunny days and anticipation of the summer are bringing out my brighter statement necklaces. I usually don't follow the rules of wearing certain colors for certain seasons. I buy items for my wardrobe because I want to wear them (as simple as that). However, there are some things that clearly scream spring or summer, and I might look odd if I wore them year round. 

As I have said in a previous post I believe statement jewelry is a staple for any woman's wardrobe, and a trend that seems like it's here to stay. Therefore, I try to buy statement necklaces that don't clearly illustrate one trend. For example the Bubble necklace trend that I did jump on the bandwagon for (probably most of us did), but now feel like I can't wear again. I try to buy pieces that would work with multiple outfits and last longer than a few seasons. My favorite places to buy statement jewelry is J Crew, Etsy, and random boutiques I find in my travels. 

I believe there is no need to break the bank for these pieces (unless you want to). You can easily find statement pieces in your budget, and I actually enjoy the thrill of finding a well made statement necklace for a great price. 

Where do you find your favorite statement jewelry? 

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  1. I love that first statement necklace! Beautiful picks!