Mar 12, 2014


I don't know why but lately I've been inspired by satin. I know that sounds odd. Many of my most chic spring time/summer items that I create in my head seem to revolve around satin. Satin sounds like such a formal fabric that you wear around holidays or weddings. Some of you may even think satin is reserved for an older crowed. The recent items I've seen down the runway at shows like Marissa Webb's Spring collection or even high street shops like Topshop give a really fresh and youthful look to satin. I may even have a few items waiting in my basket on I can't help it!

Pairing satin in light or bright colors transforms it from the formal and heavy look that satin can have into something more wearable. My current favorite is light pink or coral satin items. For the more daring I've seen items in bright graphic prints and floral scenes that modernize the fabric. Satin can also add an interesting texture to your outfit. I am currently loving the Topshop satin skort in coral. Adding that with a simple white t-shirt and a chunky necklace not only makes the fabric wearable, but the satin adds that unique texture you might not expect.

For those who don't feel comfortable wearing satin or you live in an area where wearing satin cannot happen (aka Texas summer heat) then you can always opt for satin accessories. Satin pumps aren't reserved for wedding shoes anymore.

 I'm excited to see what satin items I can add into my wardrobe for the spring and summer months even though I should probably save my money.


  1. I always love how satin feel! Beautiful picks!


    1. Thanks so much Lauren for checking out my blog! I'll be sure to take a look at yours