Jul 7, 2014


Sorry I haven't been able to post a lot this past week, and this coming week looks like it might be the same. I just wanted to let you guys know I haven't forgotten about you. I had my birthday weekend on June 28th so I just spent some relaxing time with my family and boyfriend. Then this past week I went to the French part of Switzerland to see my boyfriend and his family. Sadly, he can't come to the German part where I am too often since he's working.

Since this post is more of an update I thought I would include at least one picture, and this picture was actually taken by my camera (Can you believe it?!). This is of Montreux, where I spent the day for the jazz festival on Sunday. Surprisingly, I had never been before, and it was so different to what I thought it would have been. During the day, the festival is filled with craft and food stalls, and bars. At night, is where all of the music happens. Next year I would love to get tickets.

For my upcoming trip....I'm leaving tomorrow to head to Italy for the yearly family visit. We're stopping in Milano for a few days while my dad has some meetings then heading on to Marche. My father's hometown is a small beach town, but apparently it's going to rain....that means no beach (sad face).

At the end of my travelling I would love to do a post with pictures about what I have been up to lately.  See you all soon!
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