Jul 15, 2014


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Is it silly that I love this trend of wearing sneakers (tennis shoes, trainers...) with unexpected pieces such as girly shorts, skirts, or dresses?! I used to find this whole idea of wearing sneakers outside of the gym odd...but now I like the quirkiness of paring a bright sneaker with a cute short or girly dress. Not to mention how comfortable it is! You will never complain of blisters with this trend. 

My best advice for wearing this is keep the pieces simple when wearing a bright shoe or it can err on the crazy side (I hope I used that right). I also prefer to not pair these sneakers with "sporty" items as that is too expected, and this whole trend is about the unexpected. Since these shoes are quite casual I suggest keeping the outfit effortless so it doesn't look like you are trying too hard. 

Always remember fashion is meant to be fun and there really aren't any rules. Do what works best for you and just have the confidence to pull it off! Sometimes a new trend can take a few tries until you get it right. I will post an OTTD day with how I like to wear this trend soon. Does anyone else love pairing sneakers with the unexpected?!

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