Jun 17, 2014


I thought I would share my current skincare routine for you all as my skin has been looking really healthy lately. If you are anything like me you are always on the hunt for your next skincare product, and trying to find the perfect combination of products to make your skin glow. I am no expert in anyway so these are just products that have been for working for my skin type and lifestyle. Not all of these products are used on a daily basis. 

Some background on my skin: I have very dry skin with an oily forehead (especially in the warmer months). I am fortunate enough to not have acne-prone skin or sensitive skin. However, I have had two crazy hormonal outbreaks in my life where I did need to go on prescription medicine. 

Now to my routine:

1. Cetaphil Facial Wash - The most basic of all facial washes. There really isn't anything special about it, which is what I love about it. Sometimes it can be best to start off with a neutral base and use other products for the other purposes you need. This facial wash is soap free, fragrance free, and great for those who have sensitive skin or need a calming cleanser. 

2. Bioderma Crealine H20-  I have been using this for years, and I don't think I can ever go without now. It is almost like Cetaphil in a makeup remover as it is very gentile with no perfume. I use this twice a day with cotton pads whether I am wearing makeup or not.You'd be amazed how much just washing your face does not remove the dirt or makeup sufficiently.  

3. Lumene Vitamin C Hydrating Day Cream- Since I have dry skin it is very important for me to have a hydrating moisturizer, and only creams seems to work for me (gels don't do anything). I use this twice a day after totally cleansing my face. 

4. Acanya gel- One of my biggest life savers during my last hormonal outbreak I had. This is a prescription so you will have to consult with your dermatologist before getting this product. It is typically is prescribed as an acne medication, but compared to other acne medications it is more used as a retinoid. This basically quickens your cell-turnover rate so your skin can renew faster. I now use it for preventative measures with acne every other night. Only for use at night. 


5. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque- I use this about once a week to every 10 days. It's a typical green mask that you put on your skin after it's thoroughly cleansed (I do mine after a shower when my pores are open) and leave for around 20 mins. 

6. Dermalogica Cream Exfoliant- I used to think the more gritty the texture of my exfoliant that the better it was, and the more it was exfoliating my skin. Wrong wrong wrong! Gritty exfoliants can actually irritate your skin causing dryness and redness by microscopically tearing your skin. So basically doing nothing you want it to do. I use this once a week like a mask. I put it on usually after a shower and leave on for around 15 to 20 mins then wipe off and continue with my normal routine. 

A Few Extras:

7. Laroche Posay Effaclar Duo-I use this at night during times when I feel like my skin needs a little help. It acts as a corrective, unclogging care lotion for imperfections. I tried to use this as a night moisturizer on a regular basis when I first bought it, but didn't work for me since I dry skin. 

8. Avene Eau Thermale- Basically it is just thermal spring water in a can that is used to refresh your face when it's tired or needs moisture. As you can see, I like products that provide moisture. I use this on long plane flights a few times. I feel like it helps my skin look better when I land, and I like to use it in the summer as a refresher after I moisturize. 

Extra Tips:

1. I cannot street this enough...Always take your makeup off thoroughly every night! I know this sounds so silly and something that everyone would know to do. But let's all be honest here. I will raise my hand and say that I have gone to bed before without removing my makeup. It is so important to allow your skin the chance to breath. 

2. Drink Water! Drink as much water as you can. DO IT! Water helps flush out the toxins from your body leaving your skin looking healthy. 

3. Don't wear makeup everyday! I know this can be hard for some, and don't go to your job without makeup on. Whenever you can (even if it is just one day a week) allow your skin time to breath. My skin looked the best when I had mono when I was 18, and didn't wear makeup for 2 months. It was pretty amazing the difference it made! 

I know this was a loooonnnng post (SORRY), but I hope you all enjoyed reading about the products that I love in my skincare routine/tips. I would love to know what products work for you or even what products to never go near. 

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