Jun 4, 2014


Shirt: Tobi (old)  Jeans: Celebrity Pink  Shoes: DSW (old)  Purse: Vintage Anniversary Collection Gucci 
Necklace: J Crew  Watch: DKNY  Nails: Catrice Winter Baby

This is a typical summer outfit for me, and an easy-go-to for most occasions. I wear these style of shirts quite often as they add the perfect feminine detail to any outfit, and are pretty comfortable. For these pictures I went to an old factory where graffiti artists are always adding something new. There was even one close by while these pictures were being taken. My mom was trying to convince to ask the guy to be in a picture with me (a little too embarrassing for me). The weather in Zurich has been quite mixed so haven't had much of a chance to bring out my "true" summer items like shorts and dresses. However, this weekend is suppose to be amazing so hopefully I can bring out these items. I LOVE warm weather. If it could be warm year round then I'd be pretty happy. 

My mom was also able to capture some pretty funny outtakes so I thought I'd include one...

I love being home for the summer. Hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. Cristina, that top is too cute and I just love your blog name. From one Texas girl to another. Hey girl hey