Jan 7, 2014


First off sorry for the content heavy post. I promise to do less like this in the future.

So I know I started off this blog by saying I was just the typical 20-something college student. I am! But with a twist...I've spent most of my life living between the States and Europe. No my dad is not in the military (a typical question I get). My parents still live abroad while I study in the States. Now the rest of my post will make sense.

While I was home for winter break my parents and I decided to hop over to Milan for the new year sales. I have to say this year I was very disappointed. It could possibly due to the fact that it rained horribly all day or as I get older I'm realizing I hate shopping in crowds. I find the experience so unenjoyable as people are pushing you to get to the racks of clothes and I can't even talk about the lines to the fitting rooms. To me most sales aren't worth it in person unless it's a great sale on a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps- that I could fight any crowd for. I would rather shop for sales in the comfort of my own home.

While in Milan I stopped by my favorite Italian "drugstore" brand. The packaging of the products reminds me of MAC but with the price of NYX. Now that doesn't mean the quality of the product isn't there. I know my mother swears by their longwear lipsticks. She has used MAC previously, but says the quality is the same. So of course why not choose the cheaper option?! I have personally only used their nail polishes. For the price of 2,50 euros and quality comparable to OPI and Essie I would recommend them to anyone. I bought the mint color over the summer and I swear it lasted on my toes for over a month.

I find the best combination that makes my polishes last is Orly Bonder rubberized base coat and Seche Vite as a top coat.

The colors I bought:
#330 Lilac

#291 Orchid Pink

To purchase online: http://www.kikocosmetics.com/ 

Also to come in the mail soon is an order I made at Nordstrom. I guess I was on a nail polish kick. I bought two Butter London nail colors. They are on the pricer side (in my opinion) for nail polish at $15 each, but if you're in the mood to treat yourself then they're a great buy. The packaging is quality, and the names are cute with a British theme. Several of the colors are quite unique that I haven't found in other brands. If you have ever heard of the nail polish named for the engagement of Kate and Wills ("No More Waity, Katie") then you know the brand. A review to come soon. I bought:

Knees Up

Trout Pout

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