Jan 6, 2014


Of something new? Cue typical cheesy blog title...I'm just one of the millions that have decided to start a blog. This is actually my third attempt (I know, I know). They say third time is the charm. I always took my blogs down after a few posts because I figured why would anyone want to read my blog over others. I don't have a Mariah Carey sized closet worth millions. I don't have a fancy job where I attend cocktail parties or fashion shows. I'm just your typical college Senior girly girl who loves all things fashion and beauty...and celebrity gossip mixed in with some travel. Hopefully, that's how I can relate to everyone. Even if I'm simply writing this blog for only myself, which would be a little sad. I write about what interests me and hope to share some experiences along the way. So I say...Let's all drink champagne and be merry or at least window shop virtually. That's what I call online shopping and creating wish lists.

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