Jan 28, 2014


"Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know" -Carrie Bradshaw

There is nothing like a great pair of shoes to make an outfit, and give any woman confidence. I will admit I am victim to buying items that look good in my closet. I believe you truly must love what you wear, but I can't help how I happy I am when I look inside a beautiful and well-displayed closet. I'm a freak for it!

Sarah Jessica Parker turned shoe designer with her Nordstrom collaboration of high-end Italian crafted shoes. The shoes have been hyped up by Nordstrom, magazines, and websites since June. She partnered with long-time friend George Malkemus, who is also the CEO of Manolo Blahnik (a Carrie Bradshaw favorite).

Since SJP is most well known for her role as New York writer and fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw we all have high expectations for her shoe line. Carrie's shoes stole the show, and would make any woman go broke. However, I was actually disappointed by the SJP Collection. I have only seen positive reviews so it's possible I'm the only one. I expected fashion forward and sexy pieces that Carrie Bradshaw would have spent her next month's rent on in an instant. I found the shoes to be more appropriate for the 40+ with a few younger pieces thrown in. The collection doesn't stand out from other brands. It's all been seen before, and for a better lack of words is just "blah."

Possibly the collection was not meant for the 20 something woman, or I had too high of expectations....

Here is preview of a few items in the collection:






The prices in the collection range from $195 to $500.

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