Feb 27, 2014


So...I may have been a little naughty, and a bought a few things recently. I always tell myself I'll save my money for more important things or use it for the big "ticket items." But, I find myself to be one of those shoppers that buys a few things here and there, and by the end of the month I realize what I've actually spent. There's just too many pretty things out there, and is it bad to say that after I've been shopping I'm excited to add items to what I call my "collection" (aka my closet, makeup organizer, jewelry organizer, etc)?

Shirt: Banana Republic  Skirt: Forever21  Wallet: Kate Spade
Purse: Vintage Gucci 

I bought the small Kate spade wallet to go inside my smaller handbags. I usually tie my ID and cards together with a hair tie when my big wallet doesn't fit. However, I'm always worried they will fall out without me knowing so I constantly check my handbag (Yes, I worry about things like that). I thought it was finally  time to find a small wallet. 

Here is an up close picture of the wallet. In my photo it is difficult to see the bow details. There is enough room for an ID, a few cards, bills, and a zipper on the back for coins. Most small wallets I looked at did not have any space for coins, which makes no sense (If you use cash then one would think you need room for coins). I've been using the wallet for almost two weeks now, and I haven't gone back to my big wallet. It's just so light, and convenient. 

I hope you enjoyed my haul. If you would like a review of any items or more pictures leave me a comment. So what's been on your shopping list lately? 

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